MAJM is governed by the Constitution and Bylaws set forth by the organization when it gained official 501c(3) status in 1967. MAJM is governed by the Executive Committee, comprised of both clergy and laity from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and United Church of Christ (UCC). These synods and denominations, along with many area congregations, are the primary source of financial support for the Jail Ministry. In 2016, the Executive Committee, by unanimous vote of member congregations, began outreach to Episcopal, Presbyterian, Moravian, Reformed, Methodist and Moravian congregations in Dane County. In 2017, this list expanded to include all Christian Churches.

Member congregations can participate in the governance of the organization as outlined in the Bylaws. Representatives meet at the Annual Meeting to vote on Executive Committee elections and other official business of the organization. Discussion and voting may also take place via electronic meetings.

2016 Annual Report


Congregations are the Jail Ministry’s primary source of financial support. Jail Ministry representatives meet with local congregations, sharing the mission and ministry of the Jail Ministry and seeking prayers and financial support.

Executive Committee

Tina Hogle, Chair, UCC Lay

Paul Skidmore, Vice-Chair, LCMS Lay

Jerry Cook, Treasurer, ELCA Lay

Jim Mc Coid, Past-Chair, LCMS Clergy

Rich Johnson, ELCA Clergy

Ralph Zebell, ELCA Lay

Wendy Cooper, UCC Lay

Advisory board Members

Lt. Brian Mikula, Sheriff's Department

St. Brad Lindsley, Sheriff's Department

Jessica Morrow, Formerly Incarcerated Representative

Cara Erickson, Webmaster