Our Chaplain

Rev. todd marcotte

Chaplain Todd Marcotte has been named Interim Chaplain for MAJM. He has been working as a volunteer in the jail for two and a half years leading religious services, facilitating a weekly Bible study, and functioning as a Volunteer Chaplain.

A desire to provide hope and encouragement to those experiencing the crisis of incarceration led Chaplain Todd to jail ministry. He brings a unique perspective from having had adult children whose journey through addiction and mental health issues led them to their own encounters with the criminal justice system. Through a ministry of presence, Chaplain Todd hopes to help others find a spiritual pathway to freedom.

Todd has previously served as an associate pastor and as a district missionary, planting campus ministry chapters in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Duluth, Minnesota. Todd holds a Master of Arts degree in Ministerial Leadership from Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University. Rev. Todd Marcotte is credentialed through Ezra Church, a Converge Great Lakes congregation.

Todd also works as a Technology Consultant for nonprofit organizations through DANEnet. DANEnet's mission is to make information technology accessible and affordable through education, advocacy, and services for area nonprofits and individuals with barriers.

Todd Marcotte