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Not Enough Words…

My heart stopped the 1st time I heard yours beat,

you have no clue my love how many struggles we overcame, it was a great feat.

You gave me courage and hope when I had none,

everything that I can claim you helped me overcome!

At night I’d sing to you and you’d sing back,

the prayers I couldn’t pray you held the Faith that I lacked.

Maybe you were my Guardian Angel—my Shepherd through the dark and pain,

I don’t think I’ll ever lose you—inside me you’ll always remain.

I’ll not get to see you grow or see your 1st step.

I may not come to birthdays or be there when you’re upset.

However my heart & mind and spirit will be with you every single day,

just like I was guiding you in every single way.

The hardest thing I ever did was having to give you away,

and the second hardest thing was not being able to tell you all I had to say.

Loyalty Before Respect

There have been times

I have been used

I have been abused

I have been neglected

I have been betrayed

Not just by friends

Not just by ex-lovers

But also by my blood—

Caused the want and need

to numb the pain that

was left behind through

the needle to protect what’s

left of a broken and damaged heart

led by the stars, met by fate

heart slowly finding warmth

to trust and love again as

she presses on and finds a way

to love her very own self.

- C.M.