In the Community

Chaplain services provided IN the madison area community

New Beginnings

Chaplain Christa Fisher, with the assistance of several exceptional volunteers, organizes and facilitates separate groups once a week for men and women that are incarcerated. The groups are held on Tuesday (women) and Wednesday (men) afternoons and often include a meal provided by area congregations. The groups are attended by people that are within several months of release with the purpose of preparing people for a smooth transition back into the community. People may also continue to attend once they are released for support while they employment, housing, etc.

The groups focus on inner strength though prayer and reflection; repairing and nurturing healthy relationships; and personal responsibility. They provide guest speakers and information about housing, addiction recovery, employment opportunities, worship opportunities, health care, mental health services and parenting.

The groups have consistently been evaluated by folks as providing significant support and information for re-entry.

Information & Referral

Chaplains provide information about community services that can assist with the re-entry process, such as housing, employment, addiction recovery, and support. They provide referrals to specific faith communities based on preference and location.

Clergy Care Network

There are many area clergy who are happy to make visits if notified of someone who has been incarcerated that wishes to speak with clergy. The Chaplains have a list of people of many faith backgrounds that they call upon to provide individual spiritual care a develop relationships that may continue upon release.

Education & Preaching

Chaplains are available to preach and teach about the role of the church in justice issues, involvement in the ministry, and central role that justice plays in Christianity.