Training & Support

Training and Support

People interested in becoming a tutor can expect the following training and support:

  • Two training sessions with ongoing support and opportunities for additional skill development;
  • Teaching resources and materials;
  • Mentorship and follow-up with seasoned tutors; there is a regular tutor meeting the second Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30 pm at Goodman South Madison Library.

Our Tutors

  • Come from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Are willing to commit to collaborative educational approaches that support the whole person.
  • Make a commitment to meet with their learner for at least one 90 minute session per week. (Schedules can be flexed to accommodate vacations, etc…)
  • Develop lessons and work with learner-selected materials.
  • Are willing to abide by rules and regulations as instructed in the jail orientation.

The Core Values that Shape our Training

  • We believe in the life-serving value of self-expression and effective communication; we seek to build literacy skills alongside a sense of pride, competence, hope, self-worth and joy.
  • We believe that pleasure in learning, the relevance of materials to learners’ lives, and consistent support are key to building effective learning situations.
  • We follow research-based principles for reading assessment and instruction, and support our tutors in data-driven instructional decision-making.
  • Our teaching methodologies take into account the impact of trauma on concentration, memory, and organizational and language abilities.
  • We believe in a collaborative partnership between tutor and learner; our tutors are trained in cultural competence and the empathy-based principles of Nonviolent Communication©.
  • We understand the importance of a good match between tutor and learner; we follow up to make sure the match is meeting both parties’ needs.