“My name is Kevin and for many years I regretted not going to High School. I had given up on getting my High School Diploma because I had a learning disability. I couldn’t read, write, spell or understand things. It made me mad and frustrated. Instead I had gotten heavily into the streets. Before I knew it, I was locked up in the county jail and reality hit me that not only had I lost my freedom but also the opportunity to continue my education.

I had given up on everything until I put my pride to the side and started asking for help. That’s when I asked the Chaplain for some help and he appointed Megan and Tina to me as my personal tutors. They both was very good tutors who helped and encouraged me every day to study hard and stay focused. I thank them for all the hard work and motivation they gave me. I really appreciate them for having patience and understanding because I know it wasn’t easy working with someone like me.

Eventually I obtained my HSED and feel it has changed my outlook on life and myself. I have more confidence now and feel that there’s nothing I can’t do. I want to continue my education and eventually help other incarcerated people, who have given up hope of ever doing anything positive in their life, find their way.”


“You asked me for advice. The only thing I think of right now that I believe is important is to make sure anyone who does the tutoring allows for themselves to be trusted by the student. The first day I met you, I felt safe. I felt the sincerity of it all. If I didn’t feel secure, I would have never been able to share the things I have and do. Change will only come if that person across from you is able to connect. ”