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MAJM provides pastoral care through the work of our chaplains, volunteer chaplains, and ministry volunteers. Chaplain Todd leads a team of over 30 dedicated volunteers who understand that incarceration often results from ongoing self-destructive habits, mindsets, and behaviors. As such, the team encourages and aids men and women in their efforts to access support through counseling, Bible studies, support groups, as well as literacy training and provide resources for AODA issues, education, and employment

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A desire to provide hope and encouragement to those experiencing the crisis of incarceration led Chaplain Todd to jail ministry. He brings a unique perspective from having had adult children whose journey through addiction and mental health issues led them to their own encounters with the criminal justice system. Through a ministry of presence, Chaplain Todd hopes to help others find a spiritual pathway to freedom.

Prior to his role as the lead chaplain, he worked as a volunteer in the jail for 3 years leading religious services, facilitating a weekly Bible study, and serving as a Volunteer Chaplain. Rev. Marcotte has previously served as an associate pastor and as a district missionary, planting campus ministry chapters in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Duluth, Minnesota. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Ministerial Leadership from Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Joyce Guimond is the Women’s Pastor at City Church, and is passionately in love with Jesus. Every Wednesday she comes into the jail to bring joy and hope as Volunteer Chaplain who provides spiritual care to the women in the City-County Building.

Joyce also leads a bi-monthly support group for women to find rest from the weariness of life. 





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