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How Can I Get Involved?

"I do not call you servants any longer, because the servant does not know what the master is doing; Instead, I have called you friends." -John 15:15

If you have a heart for serving your incarcerated brothers and sisters we invite you to join our "Friends of the Jail Ministry" group. Our friends work in partnership with us by prayer, participation, and promotion.

Email us if you would like to be added to our Friends list:


We need prayer partners who will pledge to pray every day for the men and women who find themselves facing incarceration, the jail staff, and your MAJM ministry team. Consider asking your congregation to add MAJM to prayer lists, and ask pastors to include the jail ministry in the litany of prayers included in Sunday morning worship.

See our Prayer Needs document to know how to pray specifically for our jail residents. 


We need your help! There are many ways our friends can help us. Not everyone can or would want to go into the jail on a regular basis. However, you can help the jail ministry by coordinating book drives, facilitating discussions on social justice, write organizations to request free ministry materials, winter coat drives, and writing out Christmas cards.

Consider becoming a tutor.  Find our more here.


Be a friend to someone coming out of jail through New Beginnings. 


We have a story to tell and we need you to help us get the word out. Suggestions include temple talks; articles in the congregational newsletter or bulletin; hosting a special book club discussion, adult education forum, or fundraiser; or inviting a chaplain or Madison Area Jail Ministry Board member to visit your congregation.




Here are some ideas for promoting the jail ministry and helping us raise money for programs and staff.

  • Online Auction Gather donated goods and services sought from local business, friends, and family using a free software platform.

  • Ministry Market Congregants create items to sell, such as crafts, jewelry, and baked goods.

  • Church Quilt Auction Quilters in your congregation display their work and sell their quilts.

  • Seasonal Offerings e.g. Advent, Lent Special Collections for the Jail Ministry or specific needed programs or items.

  • Rummage Sale Proceeds directed to the Jail Ministry or specific needed programs or items.

  • Pledge Challenge Set a goal and encourage contributions. This works well for a specific need like 'new Bibles for the chapel.'

  • Church Meals Plan a Fall harvest, spaghetti supper, pot luck lunch, Easter brunch or pancake breakfast. 

  • Flower Sale Gardeners donate perennial cuttings.

  • Benefit Concert Schedule your favorite musical group to perform and donate the proceeds to MAJM.

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